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We had the honor of having James on our episode airing December 22, 2016.  His story is not only an incredible testimony, but very inspiring as well.  His commitment to help others is real and the work he is doing through Celebrate Recovery deserves attention.

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Long before Down the Rabbit Hole, David Hooper was collecting videos that made an impact on him.  The videos on this channel are by or about some of the people that have influenced him the most.


We have mentioned this speech several times, both on-air and privately.  Trey Gowdy came to fame during the Benghazi hearings and isn't afraid to speak his mind.


That in itself is not unique.  It is his message that is and it's refreshing to see someone unafraid to speak his mind in this current political climate and in this age of political correctness.

Independently Screened in 45 cities across the globe in 2014, The Anatomy of a Great Deception is quickly becoming the go-to-guide for truth seekers everywhere.  Order your copy today and spread the word to everyone you know.

This is not your father's quote book.  Follow the author's journey from disillusionment to enlightenment interpreted through quotes gathered while researching his groundbreaking independent film.


If you dig deep enough you find the truth.

The 401 Book

See the movie.  Face the Deception

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